Why do we fall?

The simple answer being… “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up” . As wise words were said on the Batman series! We fall and sometimes expect others to save us, but don’t realise we need to save ourselves. And it’s a positive thing, not a negative thing! It’s funny how we notice once…Read more »

High 5 for 5!

  There is truth in pain! There is growth in pain! Everyone is on different path and their journey is so very important in every way. Everyday I take steps to help myself heal not just physical but mentally, it is always an ongoing process. Learning, day by day and new experiences. For me, I…Read more »

Keep going, keep growing

That’s what it’s all about right?! You live, you learn. Take each day, day by day! For which I am so ever grateful for. Where I have literally looked towards each day, accepting what is to come, the good and the bad and making myself into a stronger soul. Everyday is but a day where…Read more »

Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self

After what was a quiet end to last year, I have been so ever fortunate to start the year with such amazing opportunities behind me. Persisting in finding a job within the health field, an area that i truely love had been tough, but I am so lucky now to have been given the chance…Read more »

Thanking you

Weirdly enduring a medical condition comes with nothing but challenges and expected downfalls. But I would like to thank you Epilepsy, for making me see the challenges as life lessons. We hate upon the bad symptoms that comes from having medical conditions, but seize (being the operative word in my case) to recognise the good…Read more »

It is what it is

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” – Joseph Campbell I think the last couple of months this quote has been particularly relevant, with regards to my health, my work, my studies and personal relationships. Letting go of so much has never been…Read more »